Skull Sketch

Artist: ghostfreak / January 15, 2020
Skull Sketch

Step 1.

Here are the pencils used for this drawing. Starting off with a preliminary sketch using the mechanical pencil, and then worked away with the 2B and 4H, both really accurate and crisp pencils. Darker depth pencils are used for very dark parts of the    

Step 2.

Now for the paper. These are two common paper types. The one used for this drawing tutorial is the "Heavy Multi Media Paper", which is great for shading, pens, wet media like watercolors, and acrylics. The light paper is great for sketches with pen a   

Step 3.

Now, light source is something very important you must understand in order to create accurate shaded drawings. You have to know the difference between light, shadows, and reflective light. Reflective light is light that molds at the edge of shadows,    

Step 4.

Here is some simple techniques of shading using various types of pencil strokes to create a vast amount of styles.

Step 5.

Now to begin this drawing, draw a circle for the head, and the facial guides.

Step 6.

Then start sketching out the bony structure to the skulls design. Start with drawing the top part of the skull then draw in the very prominent bone structure for the brows, and cheeks.

Step 7.

Begin sketching out the large skull sockets, and then draw in the wrinkle or definition lines that add depth to the hollow holes. Then draw in the nose hole.

Step 8.

Next guys, draw out the eyeballs, and draw in the eyes or pupils. Draw them to look crooked, but you can choose a different style or expression if you'd like. Then sketch in the bony marks for the upper jaw, and draw each groove for the teeth.

Step 9.

Continue to work on the upper jaw by sketching out each tooth which is long and sharp tipped. After that, add some detailing detailing and definition to the skull's face by adding brows and cheek cracks.

Step 10.

Now we will need to draw the really long jaw like so and as you sketch out the jaw, be sure to make the lines as and bones the way you see them here.

Step 11.

Lastly, draw in the bottom teeth. Erase the guide lines from step 1 and any mistakes.

Step 12.

Here is the finished drawing! Use beginning steps to help with tools and paper and sketch as you see in the main image. Hope this helped and was fun for you guys!

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Artist: ghostfreak
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Description: Learn how to sketch a skull step by step. With detailed steps and tools used, you can create this skull in no time. It's a wicked cool sketch with fine detailing. Let's begin.