How to Draw an Anarchy Skull

Artist: ghostfreak / January 9, 2020
How to Draw an Anarchy Skull

Step 1.

Start off with the guide shapes. Two in total, one for the head and another for the jaw area. You will then sketch in the facial guidelines too.

Step 2.

Begin working on drawing the well defined bony brow area as well as the defined cheek bone. Under the brow bones sketch out the nasal cavity and the top portion of the upper jaw. The gum line should also be drawn in and as you can see the lining is s   

Step 3.

Begin and draw in the nasty teeth which are in all directions. Once that is done you can work on the left side of the face and sketch in the detailing and definition to the skeletal teeth.

Step 4.

Start drawing the rest of the head shape followed by the bottom jaw. Beware, the teeth will be a little tricky. This may seem impossible, but don't get frustrated, take your time and move along in a nice pace. Draw in the mangled lined bottom row of    

Step 5.

All you have to do here is for the hollows of the eyes and color them in. After that is done add more cracking on the skull along the right side.

Step 6.

Color in the hollow of the nose cavity, and color in the teeth on the left side. This is shaded out because of the shadowing.

Step 7.

Lastly, draw in a messy anarchy symbol which is an A with a circle around it or leave it as it is and get creative. Fix any mistakes and erase the guide lines.

Step 8.

This is what the finish drawing should look like, and some normal mistakes if you are a beginner. :) Like and share with your friends!

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Artist: ghostfreak
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Description: Learn how to draw this wicked awesome anarchy skull, step by step. In only a few steps you can draw this cool skull. Let's get started.