How to Draw a Psychedelic Skull

Artist: ghostfreak / January 9, 2020
How to Draw a Psychedelic Skull

Step 1.

Start off with a circle for the top part of the skull and then draw in the guidelines for the face and jaw structure.

Step 2.

Next, begin shaping out the cheek bones with some long, angled lining. The inner corners should be sunken in a bit to give a deep skeletal look.

Step 3.

Cover most the top area with a shape of the mushroom cap. This is actually the shape of the skull's head so be sure to draw it the way it is shown in the image.

Step 4.

Add the gills of the mushroom under the curl and then draw the several different shaped spots on the cap.

Step 5.

You can now begin the shapes of the skull's hollow eyes and then draw in the nasal cavity. Then you can start to draw out the top row of skeletal teeth. Add detailing around the eyes and along the sides of the nose.

Step 6.

In this last step all you have to do is draw the bottom jaw and the bottom row of teeth. These teeth can be crooked and misshapen like you see them drawn in the image. When you get your teeth and jaw drawn out you can add detailing along the bottom o   

Step 7.

This is what the finish drawing should look like. Unless of course a few mistakes have been made, but that's okay! That's what drawing is about. Color it in as you'd like.

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Artist: ghostfreak
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Description: Today we have this wicked cool tut on how to draw a psychedelic skull, step by step. This design is really awesome and I love the coloring and design. Let's begin with the basics, which is the steps.