How to Draw a Day of the Dead Skull

Artist: ghostfreak / January 15, 2020
How to Draw a Day of the Dead Skull

Step 1.

Start by making the shape of the head guide lines and face guide lines.

Step 2.

Next, draw the actual structure of the skull like so, and draw the prominent bones for the cheek balls.

Step 3.

Now sketch out structure for the rest of the face shape along with the chin and jaw structure.

Step 4.

Take your time in this step to work on the face by drawing the outline for the teeth and upper jaw shape.

Step 5.

Complete the teeth by drawing the lining that divides the top row from the bottom row. Also draw the lining that creates each individual tooth.

Step 6.

Next, draw in the hollows for the eyes, then draw an upside down heart for the nose holes.

Step 7.

Time for the face decorations. Before we do this, erase the facial guide lines first. Now start drawing small petal shapes around the eyes and nose. Then draw the vine that curls on the cheek bones.

Step 8.

Take your time with these last few steps as there is a lot of designs to draw carefully. Start drawing in the roses in each eye hollow like so. After, draw in more vines along the jaw and cheeks then add a flower on the chin and then small leaves on    

Step 9.

Next, draw another flower blossom on the top of the skull. Also draw more vines along the top of the skull. To create eyebrows, draw vines above each eye.

Step 10.

Lastly, draw a cross on the forehead and a heart under the cross; and add small vines on the temples. Fix any mistakes and any guide lines from step 1.

Step 11.

Here's the finished line art for this day of the dead, sugar or candy skull! Give it a name of your choosing and show it off to get the mass compliments. Good luck and keep practicing!

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Artist: ghostfreak
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Description: If you're a lover of day of the dead, then you'll be amazed of this wild day of the dead skull tutorial. There is a lot of work to drawing this skull, but you'll never get better unless you challenge yourself. Beginners to advanced artists, try this tutorial! It's an impressive skull that any friend would be envious over. Give it try!